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Manage cat acne, cuts, mouth sores, and more! Use Vetericyn’s Feline Facial Therapy to remove irritants, clean discharge in and around eyes and nose, reduce inflammation, and soothe the itch and irritation associated with allergies. 


Packing all original Flower Fountain features, as well as a premium-quality stainless steel top, the Catit Flower Fountain is more than qualified to keep your cat hydrated 24/7. The shallow, hygienic top is dishwasher safe and doesn’t irritate your cat’s whiskers or skin! Available on 

Bench & Field

An All Natural-Wholesome-Healthy-Feline Treat with Added Vitamins and Minerals. Bench & Field Holistic Natural™ Cat Treats are just the right choice for cats of all ages and the devoted owners who love them! Made in the USA with real-recognizable-quality ingredients.


Embark on a better healing journey with your cat! Those mischievous licking and scratching habits can slow healing, but fear not! Say goodbye to the “cone of shame” with Suitical’s high-quality patented recovery suits. These vet-approved suits offer freedom and healthy wound coverage and are made from a pet-centric approach.

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