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Ep 392: Summer Organizing Projects for Kids

Have you ever wondered how to get your kids involved in sorting and decluttering their stuff? We’re diving into how we as parents can teach our kids some basic organizing skills as we shift into summer.

You’ll Learn:

(2:16) Importance of Teaching Organizational Skills to Kids
(6:09) Decluttering Kids’ Clothes
(7:42) Involving Kids in Decluttering Toys
(8:57) Decluttering Kids’ Papers and Art Supplies
(11:58) Household Chores: Dishes and Laundry
(12:48) Household Chores: Gardening and Meal Prep
(18:56) Household Chores: Dusting and Vacuuming
(20:37) Household Chores: Pet Care
(21:24) Encouraging Kids to Choose Chores

Links Mentioned in this Episode:
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30 Day Kids Organizing Checklist: https://simplyborganized.myflodesk.com/30daykidschallenge
Have a question about Organizing or Decluttering? Join our Ask An Expert Series: https://simplyborganized.as.me/askanexpert

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