Lets dive in right now! Are you doing what needs to be done to ensure the health and well being of your precious indoor kitty? Do you have enough stimuli present, or are you playing with them enough? You may be doing all the right things but we still have todays video just for your reassurance! We’ll be deep diving into 8 signs that your cat is truly content within its home.

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Welcome to Kooky_Cats ! 🙂 This is a cat lovers channel that features cat psychology, cat health tips and facts, and all things interesting about our feline companions. Our goal is to create a positive cat lovers space and to also clear up any myths and misconceptions we all may have had and have. All cat and animal lovers are more than welcome!

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0:00 Humble Abode
0:14 Sign 1
1:27 Sign 2
2:40 Sign 3
3:50 Sign 4
5:00 Sign 5
6:07 Sign 6
7:12 Sign 7
8:25 Sign 8

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