Meet our New Pet Turtle!! He’s So cute!


Caleb and Mommy are in the backyard playing when she spots something moving in the bushes! It’s a TURTLE!! Caleb is so excited. The turtle hides in his shell so we quitely wait for him to open up and come out to play. HE walks around and is so cute.

Caleb and Mom decide to take care of our turtle (just for the day) and we make him a house. Caleb gets grass, and some funny things to put inside his house. He also tries to find him some bugs to eat. We find a funny bug that dances on dads finger. After we play for a bit and learn about our new turtle we take him to the field and let him go. We had a GREAT DAY!

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Caleb And Mommy Play and Find REAL BUGS Outside! Pretend Play with Insects!​

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MY PET TURTLE!! 🐢 Caleb & Mom animal day care! Taking Care of Bugs and Turtles in the backyard!

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