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Pablo was more dead than alive when we
found him in the clinic parking lot. He was
tied there to a tree and didn’t know what
happened to him…
His overall condition was so bad, our vets
weren’t sure if he would survive the next
few days. Well, three weeks later, Pablo is
still far from over the mountain, but he’s
already making considerable progress. His
weight gain alone is remarkable!
Thank you for following and supporting our
work. Because only together we can help
dogs like Pablo!
Here’s the video of when we discovered


ඔබට දැකගන්න පුළුවන් මෙම දර්ශන තුළ අසරණ 🐕Pablo🐕අපගේ DCC සාමාජිකයන් විසින් බේරාගෙන ඔහුව රැකබලා ගන්නා ආකාරය.හොද ජාතියේ සුනඛයින්ට අසනීප උනාම කෘර මිනිසුන් මෙසේ පාරේ දමා යනවා.නින්දිත වැඩකි.අපගේ සායනයෙන් ඔහු වෙනුවෙන් උපරිමයෙන් කරනවා.මෙයට ඔබටත් දායක විය හැකිය.

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