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Editor-in-Chief Connie Wilson’s selection of must-read books for cat lovers

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Featured Illustration From Squash, the Cat by Sasha Mayer

Squash, the Cat

Written and Illustrated by Sasha Mayer
Squash the orange tabby and his young human Maggie are perfect-for-each-other-best-friends and do everything together—until Squash makes a terrible mistake. An adorable storybook that explores the bond between cats and kids and the importance of friendship. 

Indoor Cat: How to Enrich Their Lives and Expand Their World

By Laura J. Moss and Lynn Bahr, DVM
Should every cat live exclusively indoors? If your cat is an indoor-only cat, you likely worry about whether they can truly live an active, stimulating, and fulfilling life. Journalist Laura Moss and feline-only vet Lynn Bahr have put together an engaging and informative guide that explores the lives of indoor cats via expert opinions, interviews, and scientific studies. A must-read for every cat parent! 

Oh, It’s You: Love Poems by Cats

By Francesco Marciuliano
Cats have quirky ways of showing their love and affection for their humans, something the author of the beloved I Could Pee on This series knows well. His new book, Oh, It’s You, is packed with hilarious love poems from cats. A purrfect combination of feline snark and sweetness, you’ll surely see their own cats in these poems. 

Kaia’s Big Felines

Written and Illustrated by Aura Lewis
Kaia’s Big Felines is a wonderful storybook that helps kids navigate big emotions. In it, Kaia explores her feelings by relating them to types of wild and domestic cats. A great resource for families and teachers working on emotional intelligence with kids! 

Snowball Unwrapped

By Kristen McKanagh
“I’m adorable. Everyone says so… I matchmake all the couples around here.”—Snowball

This irresistible holiday heart-warmer has charm in spades. Sweet Snowball returns in this whimsical romance that has it all: subterfuge, secrets, on-air romance, twins, snooping staff—and cats, of course. This may be Snowball’s easiest matchmaking job yet! You’ll fall for this Christmas treat.  

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