TV for dogs to watch! Dogs are social animals and want to be with other dogs while you’re away. Music for dogs is okay for highly reactive dogs, but most prefer to watch shows with dogs interacting with other dogs. They learn social skills, it’s entertaining, and _feels_ like they’re with friends.

Designed to avoid overstimulating your dog, but check how your dog reacts before leaving the video running (don’t show this video to dogs that over-react).

Your views provide thousands of dollars of funding for these animal shelter dogs! If you’re looking to adopt one of these dogs (located in 🌵Tucson, Arizona USA 🌵), see the link below:

🐶🐶🐶 The Dogs, in order of appearance 🐶🐶🐶
*Day* *1*
Bear: A816021
Rio: A817591
Buddy: A465511
Shadow: A812459
Charles: A820097
Titan: A821222
Julio: A821808
Loki: A756047
Eve: A823545
Money: A792455
Red: A818012
Nakkhimov: A823013
Boo: A820985
Memphis: A799658
Sweetness: A823209
Belle: A745968
Killian: A809489
Blanca: A805459
Oreo: A809954
Theodore: A
Zooby: A703655
Crikey: A822085
Bobbi: A821047
Creed: A820935
Diamond/Dime: A719175
Hercules: A775678
Braxton: A820453
Doja: A791830
Belle #2: A812325
Skip: A817806
Dozer: A750204
Rosie: A808417
Home Boy: A812345

*Day* *2*
Biscuit: A796331
Shadow: A821758
Raptor: A808554
Mr Snoodle: A822570
Zero: A822822
Smudge: A821149
Mahakala: A804573
Sadie: A785974
Si: A821295
Bean: A822999
Niffler: A612487
Merlin aka Melow: A789989
Olivia: A819654
Heen: A824314
Dobby: A778630
Enzo: A820702
Rosa: A824181
Brennan: A807899
Magnus: A809245
River: A798061
Lennon: A820178
Halloween: A821531
Domingo: A822765
Pa: A824477
_Side_ yard:
Nim: A804034
Yoshi: A761554
Maple: A824414
Pancake: A824413
Oso: A657302
Kanan: A816807
Stella: A769697
Cheester: A821897
Zooby: A703655
Oso: A616766
Cinnamon: A760932
unknown: A824407
Cookie: A577163
Mawmuh: A823508
Plum: A823468
Bernie: A820765
Lexington: A821308
Nessie: A815349
Bessie: A824037
Rosco: A791626
Big Guy: A821336
Amelia: A818807
Firulais: A824574
Daisy May: A824390

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