CAT TV – Nature sounds to relax to! A live stream of calming nature sounds, birdsong, cat sounds, rain and wildlife. Perfect to wind down to, work and study to, or distract your cats with!

ASMR for you, and entertainment for your cat! Perfect content to put on in the background while you work or study, or even if you want to keep your cat busy while you leave the house!

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Animation produced in TVPaint, and then composited in Adobe After Effects.

Director: Simon Tofield
Animation: Melanie Gerber
Colourist: Alex Parsons
Senior Designer: Georgi Chapman
Junior Designer: Lemon Mingyue Wang
Production Manager: Emily Osborne
Social Media Manager: Maria Tsitsivou
Executive Producers: Edwin Eckford, Mike Bell
Foley & Sound Design: Fonic

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