Special thanks to all of you for the support so we can help him and Sundays for Dogs for agreeing to my idea to feed him for an entire year! Get it for your dog with this exclusive Black Friday / Cyber Monday limited time deal use code ROCKY60 👉 Get 60% off: https://get.aspr.app/SH9H1

🐶JOIN to support and be a part of what I am doing: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCGisihUQxb3_gE7Qzffyp4g/join

Thank you Animal Friends of the Valley’s for helping him. Please no calls or emails to the shelter so we don’t overwhelm him but if you live close stop in. You can even put a hold on him if you want to be the first in line to adopt him once he is released for adoption. Updates will be here as they come in: https://rockykanaka.com/watch-this-shelter-dogs-heartwarming-reaction-when-hes-called-a-good-boy-for-the-first-time/

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