If you’re a busy person, you might not have time to take your dog to the groomer every four to six weeks. Or, perhaps you’re an active outdoorsman that needs a breed with a short coat to avoid thistles and brambles matting the hair. Whatever the reason, learn more about some dog breeds that don’t need haircuts.

Why some dog breeds don’t need haircuts

Every dog requires regular grooming, including routine bathing and brushing, to keep their coat clean and healthy. Dogs also need a healthy and balanced diet to help keep their coat and skin shiny and in good condition. However, some dogs, especially those with short or wiry coats, don’t need regular trims. These coats remain naturally short and are less likely to mat on their own, making their grooming needs easier.



The Beagle is a small short-haired breed in the hound group. These hunting dogs have low grooming needs and rarely require haircuts. They’re also great family companions, with a nose that will have them sniffing out anything that interests them.

Boston Terrier

Another small breed, the Boston Terrier is a lovable lap dog with a short coat. Even if they don’t need haircuts, their shorter, wrinkly snouts, extra skin folds, and long rounded ears may require extra cleaning to avoid skin infections. 


A larger breed, the Boxer is another short-haired dog with a short snout. They have similar grooming needs to the Boston Terrier, including regular care of wrinkles and the ears, but are easy-keepers when it comes to their coat. A weekly brush and regular bathing can keep their coat shiny.


The iconic dog of the fire brigade, the Dalmatian is another short-coated breed that is easy to care for. These dogs are excellent working and jogging companions, and their short coat means they’ll be less likely to get burrs or brambles tangled in it.

Doberman Pinscher

Another large breed, the Doberman Pinscher’s coat rarely needs trimming, but should be brushed every few days. They’re highly intelligent and very trainable, making a great working breed or family companion with their low grooming needs and eagerness to please.

French Bulldog

The French Bulldog is a fantastic companion with a short coat and an adorable face. They’re easy-going and have a coat that is relatively easy to care for, but may be prone to skin infections. However, there is a longer-haired coat variant gaining popularity that may have more extensive grooming needs, including haircuts.

Great Dane

While the Great Dane may look like they need a lot of grooming attention due to their sheer size, their coats are easy to care for. The breed doesn’t have much hair that needs a trim but they still benefit from regular grooming such as bathing and brushing. Just make sure you have a large enough tub!

Italian Greyhound

A smaller breed, the Italian Greyhound makes a great family companion. Their short, thin coats mean they don’t need a lot of grooming care, however, they can easily get cold. It’s important to keep them warm with an extra jacket when out and about in cooler climates.


Hailing from Hungary, the Vizsla is a beautiful hunting dog with a gorgeous short coat. They make great companions out in the field, and their shorter coat makes it less likely for mats to form. In addition, their loving nature makes them great companions at home.


Another dog with a beautiful and distinctly silver coat, the Weimaraner requires little in the way of intensive grooming. While they may not need haircuts, they do, however, benefit from regular bathing and weekly brushing to keep their coats shining.

These are just some of the great dog breeds that don’t need haircuts. Now that you know a bit more, check out some other breeds with great coat traits, such as the top dog breeds with colorful coats, or breeds that look like teddy bears.

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