KITTEN 101: everything i wish i knew before adopting a kitten, what you need to buy for your cat, i adopted a cat, cat essentials, mistakes i made, adopting a stray cat, what i learned since adopting my cat, and more!

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automatic litter box:
˖ litter mat:
˖ litter:

toys —
˖ ball toy thing (lol):
˖ interactive toy:
˖ robot toy:
˖ this is a subscription box i love (10% off)

flower cat tree:


pet insurance: i use currently!

fluffy cat cone:

nail clippers:

hair brush:

– = * = –

˖ everyday makeup products:
˖ my earrings:
˖ $15 OFF Princess Polly order:
˖ the perfect credit card for beginners:
˖ 10% off my cat’s favorite toys:
˖ 10% off my daily planner: (use code JASMINE10)

˖ scrapbooking supplies
˖ room decor
˖ desk setup
˖ beauty & makeup
˖ hair
˖ youtube filming setup

˖ main camera:
↳ 11-22mm lens (i use this for wide angles & it’s so nice for vlogging too!): 
↳ 16mm lens (very crisp & professional looking): 
↳ external mic: 
˖ vlog camera (super easy to use! I love this one): 
˖ go pro:
˖ voiceover mic: 
˖ mini tripod: 
˖ normal tripod:

– = * = –

age: 22
ethnicity: 100% vietnamese
editing software: final cut pro x

Daystar – Dear my diary /
epidemic sound
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.。*゚+.*.。 see ya next time! ily ゚+..。*゚+

☺︎ this video is not sponsored ☺︎

0:00 hi hi
0:51 bringing her home as a stray cat
5:21 essentials (what you need to buy)
10:19 important tips
13:03 what i wish i knew
16:33 what my cat taught me

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